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Support public and private institutions in the fields of education and sustainable food consumption and offer advice to improve food and fisheries system on regional, national and international bases.

These are the key areas in which ALBERT sas is specializes in the design of advisory services and in methodologies to control the catering, activities for which has received the ISO 9001 quality certification.

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12th German Congress for School Catering


Topic: "Eating what tastes good - framework conditions for good school meals"


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Friday November 6, 2020 in Berlin



German school catering network

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March 4th 2016

Presentation of the results about the innovative tests at national level "Fresh fish meals served in Italian medical at Health Centers".

The meeting will be an opportunity to illustrate the data collected, the problems and the perspectives that such research can offer to local and national fishing sector. In addition, will be presented the documentary realized which describes the steps of the supply chain and the experimentation made in Italy.

c/o la Libreria Internazionale "IL MARE" in Via del Vantaggio, 19 00186 Roma - Italy

Innovative project realized by Albert and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, which introduces fresh fish meals served in Italian medical centres and supports innovative growth of the sector of Fisheries.
According with the principles of a previous project "Fresh Fish meals served in Italian medical centres" it has characterized by activities of administration of fresh fish in 3 Italian Medical Centres:
"G. PASQUINUCCI"Pediatric Hospital, Apuano di Massa (Marche Region);
- "G. Iazzolino"
Hospital, Vibo Valentia (Calabria Region);
- "S. Luca"
Hospital, Vallo della Lucania (Campania Region).


Realization of pedagogical and therapeutic training activities on nutritional problems of children. Adult and professional education in the food sector


Contact the Albert staff constitued by multidisciplinary professionals to share news and challenges to the integratedsustainability.